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McRUN – McGill Students' Running Club


You Make My Heart Race: February 13th

Join us on February 13th for an unforgettable experience where the joy of running meets the spirit of love! Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual walker, our “Run for Love” event is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a fun, healthy, and invigorating way.

Do you want to run next to a special someone? Looking to impress your date with how fast you can run? We welcome pairs of runners. Only one McRUN member needs to sign up for each pair. You can also sign up to surprise your favourite running buddy with flowers or candy.

Are you looking for a love to match your love of running? We will have a singles’ lane so you can find your future running companion. The fresh air and Old Port sunset light might just spark something. 

Fundraising Run: November 4th

Come join McRUN, ThinkPink, and PULS for an amazing fundraising running event at Mount Royal next Saturday. Runners can pledge donations for each kilometer they run. It’s an amazing way to get active and meet other runners, all for a good cause! More details can be found on the PULS instagram.