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McRUN – McGill Students' Running Club


What is McRUN?

McRUN is a student group of the Students Society of McGill University (SSMU) which aims to create a community of McGillians who share a common passion for recreational running!

To do so, we organize fun running socials throughout the year, as well as weekly head runs during months of high interest.

How do I join?

Our Fall 2023 Member sign up is now open! To participate in a weekly head run or an event, all you have to do is sign up and submit a waiver.

Membership is 5$ for McGillians (and $10 for others), which you can e-Transfer to or bring in cash to your first McRun activity.

What are head runs?

Head runs are weekly runs at various levels: beginner, easy, intermediate, and advanced. They are led by a McRUN Head Runner who creates the route and offers information about the club. Meet like-minded individuals and stay active year-round!

All runs meet outside of the McGill Currie Gym, 475 Pine Ave W, Montreal, QC.

Some *rough* guidelines for our run groups are:

  • Beginner: 1.5-3km // 1-2 miles (self-paced)
  • Easy: 4-6km @ 5:50-6:30 min/km // 2.5-3.75 miles @ 9:30-10:30 min/mi
  • Intermediate: 7-10km @ 5:30-6:00 min/km // 4.4-6.2 miles @ 8:50-9:36 min/mi
  • Advanced: 8+ km @ 5:30 min/km and below // 5+ miles @ 8:50 min/mi and below

We always take into account the individual skill levels of the people at each run, and we adjust pace accordingly. We aim to make our runs as inclusive and as accessible as possible for runners of all skill levels.

I am not part of McGill. Can I still join?

We welcome everyone! Once you register as a member, you will be able to attend our head runs or a McRUN event.

Please note that we will ask for a $10 membership fee instead of $5.

I want to try it out, but I’m nervous because I’ve never run before. What should I do?

Just sign up and come try it out! Our beginner level runs are tailored for absolute beginners. It is at your own pace and it is always okay to take breaks. Our Head Runners will do everything they can to encourage you without pushing you too far beyond your comfort zone.

Once you find it too easy, you can join our faster head runs!